Costume or Not?

Cultural appreciation can be defined as tribute culture`s sentimental value and/or wearing their costume for respect. Whereas, cultural appropriation is copying their values and use them for fashion, wearing those in festival or just fun. There is a line between those two things and sometimes people overstep this line with or without knowing the harms. Usually, this line is overstepped in festivals, costume parties or holidays like Halloween. This situation is on one point that people wear some cultural things that they afraid of seeing them in one day on street but they enjoy wearing it for fun.

Culture is one of the most important things that represent a society and some people are very sensitive about it and  using it is not proper always. Therefore, people form other cultures should be sensitive too about this situation. So, cultural values are not some kind of costume that people should wear for fun. Yet, nowadays, a lot of people use other culture`s costumes and accessories without knowing the content and use those thing to be “cool”. Also, it is quiet popular in celebrities and it can cause debates over cultures. Thus, this situation can harm people from those cultures and cause some negative effects. I, personally, do not support the idea that people should not use other cultural things but also we should not forget that wearing or using their cultural value should involve respect, not to be rude or making fun of.


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