Anomie Belle

I want you to introduce a american musician and activist;Anomie Belle.Originally she is a songwriter from Portland.Anomie started to record her own music since she was a child.She worked as a musician and producer in Madrid, Glasgow, Amsterdam, New York, Buenos Aires, and London before moving Seattle.She is also a film composer. 

According to the wikipedia,”Her material grapples with issues ranging from suburban alienation to human spirituality, sexuality and critiques of corporate power. She also highlights these issues by creating Culture Jams in collaboration with other artists, such as The Yes Men Anomie is openly queer and throughout her work she blurs typical representations of sexuality.”

In her live performance, she performing vocals, violin, electric guitar, keyboards, bass, drum machine, samplers and programming.In 2010 Anomie joined The Album Leaf and Sea Wolf.

Discography from wikipedia


  • 2008 Sleeping Patterns
  • 2011 The Crush

Singles and EPs

  • 2011 How Can I Be Sure
  • 2011 Inky Drips
  • 2011 Machine
  • 2012 Picture Perfect (Japan only)


  • 2012 Yppah – Eighty One (Ninja Tune)
  • 2012 D. Song (feat Anomie Belle) (Ninja Tune)
  • 2012 Film Burn (feat Anomie Belle) (Ninja Tune)
  • 2012 Believe Me by Trespassers William (Saint Marie Records)
  • 2013 Cliff by Lotte Kestner (Saint Marie Records)

Compilation appearances

  • 2009 No Lip Vol. 3 (Mohawk Bomb Records)
  • 2010 Alan Wake – OST Limited Edition Soundtrack
  • 2013 Plush – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Varèse Sarabande Records)




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