Banksy Doing It Again – In Love With My Phone –

Banksy is a British graffiti artist, film director, political activist and a painter. He keeps his real identitiy as a secret. He criticises the consumerism of the population through his dark humour. Banksy paints his gratifies on streets, buildings and bridges all around the world. Painting gratifies on public places are considered as a form of vandalism by the government officials and Banksy painting his gratifies on the streets and walls is itself a protest to the government and the current system. His art moved a lot of people and he was in the 100 must influential people in 2010. His works are a great example of cultural jamming.



I chose this particular graffiti of Banksy’s which is now displayed at the Bristol Museum of Art to analyse because what Banksy mocks is a common problem i see in my everyday life. Even what is more shocking is my grandfather complained to me that every young couple he sees on the streets and cafees are checking their phones instead of spending quality time together. He further stressed rather aggressively, that in his times boys would work very hard to even hold a girls hand. However today boys hold the girl’s hand while checking their phones! Of course with the advancements in technology it is inevitable to stay away from it but should it come in and dominate our most intimate moments? Banksy is criticising this exact problem with this graffiti.


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