Zeitgeist Movement

The Zeitgeist Movement was occur in 2008 with the leadership of Peter Joseph. They define them selves as ‘grassroots, sustainability advocacy organization’. It established by Peter Joseph but actually there is no leadership system in the organization . The Zeitgeist movements ideal is shift the world economy from money based system to resource based system. According to them all the inequalities and corruptions in the world reasoned from the money base economic system. Furthermore, they also think that religious blieves and political ideologies are appropirate for constructing societal operations. The right way is, construct this operations with the light of scientific methods and with the balance of technology and nature. Also they support ecological concepts for the world economy. The Zeithgeist movement start to being popular with the film series which are being critical of market capitalism, from after these films their view turn to political movement. The name of the organization comes from German, Zeithgeist means the ‘spirit of time’. First they release the ‘Zeithgeist: The Movie(2007)’ after that they released ‘Zeithgeist: Abbendum’ in 2008. The fans of these two movies became organized and the movement born. They are strong advocated of renewable energy and sustainable development. In the ‘Zeitgesist: The movie’ they are showing a conpiracy theory about 9/11 attacks. According to movie, its a inside job and it happened because of the greediness  of the state and they support their theory with evidences, eyewitnesses. A great example of culture jamming.








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