StreetWars is a transformation of video game called Assassin’s Creed into real life. It is a 30 days long assassination tournament which was created by Franz Aliquo and Liao Yutai in summer of 2004 in New York, which then spread out to many other cities in other countries (for more information: The purpose of the game is to track down every other competitors of the game and kill them with water gun. The game is controlled by an organization called “The Shadow Government”. 

Even if it sounds like a fun game, StreetWars was exposed to criticism. One of the people who criticised StreetWars was New York city Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. He suggested that those who are involved with this game needed psychological help. Like Bloomberg, some people observe this game as a violent game which could increase insanity. Some of the contestants expressed their experience in this game as, they got used to being suspicious of everything and they had to watch their back 24/7  but they also sound pleased about it (

I think, StreetWars is a way to mock how the world is getting paranoid, especially the American people after the 9/11 incident, as the notion of trust fades away. After reviewing the critics, it seems that people are overreacting about this game and I believe that we need more attractions in our lives like StreetWars to lose the tension which tend to go on in our lives.




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