Reclaiming The Space: Space Hijackers


We oppose the way that public space is being eroded and replaced by corporate profit making space.

We oppose the way that users of space are being put under increasing scrutiny and control by those who own or run it. Be this via CCTV installed to monitor us, or architectural elements designed to control our moods.

We oppose the blanding out and destruction of local culture in the name of global economic progress. Newer and Bigger is not always better, it is usually both impersonal and imposing.”

These words belong to a bunch of “anarchitects”. By looking at the word, we can tell that it is a portmanteau word combining “anarchist” and “architect”. The word itself summarizes their mission perfectly.

They think that architecture is just like written language and it affects the way we perceive and make use of a space and they are highly against architects “dictating” the way we experience the space and our movements. They say that architects see a space as a means to create art and they don’t actually take into consideration how people fit into the equation and thus exclude their effects in the whole thing and don’t design for people. So, they aim to subverse our notions of space and architecture.

Their first big “gig” was the Circle Line Party in which they had a party in the London Underground’s Circle Line by sneaking in 150 people with speakers disguised in luggage. They also had a sequel and a third for this epic thing.

They tend “to invade and re-brand corporate space” (according to the Wikipedia article), staging events at unusual places (i.e. party at the metro line, cricket game at midnight) and changing our perception.

Space Hijacking is mental graffiti, designed to change how the space is perceived and take some of the power away from the people who own or design the space.

—Space Hijacker Agent Bristly Pioneer

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