Lose Yourself

In Today’s World, advertisements have a significant impact on people to make them addicted about brands. Their aim is that getting profit and especially ifluence people to sell their goods for second, third , etc. time. Hereby, who are influenced by expensive brands can find themselves in the place that we called consumer society in other words spending money on goods then become a member of materialistic society. Kalle Lasn who is the author of ”Culture Jam” is against of consuming and favor of consumerism which is a movement of protect yourself from consuming. And he designed a website that is Adbusters to warn people with his comments, findings about materialism. When we explain the definition of Culture Jam we can find that using social media or billboards, papers, slogans etc.to warn people to not spend their Money or pay more attention to expensive brands. Because of the definition Kalle Lasn used a website and organized ”Buy Nothing Days” in different cities.

From the perspective of famous firms, advertisement is thing that provide them a fame and Money.Big corporations’ marketing techniques or their justification of ”buy qualified goods to be pleasure” make people spend more money and keep up with consuming.

I want to show you some commercials which are not included to the video above. First one is Burger King advertisement. Burger King is still world’s cheapest restaurant and their aim is that earn Money by using cheapest and unhealthy ingredients.Also these inredients cause some health problems such as diabet and cholestrol. At this point people who against of consumption did a billboard of ”Murder King”

My second example is Coca Cola commercial.Again, who are the against of materialistic products produce a parody with mottos. In their Turkish version they support with ”Feel The Life”. So the motto can cause a negative results on people because who feels himself/herself unhappy suddenly they he/she feels that I need a coke to feel the life and be happy. On the other hand in the parody version people criticise the coke commercial with using ” Feel the Capitalism” or ”I would like to buy a World with coke”. Clearly, It can be seen that our subconcscious never forgets that it saw year ago because it stores informations, visuals, etc.So people can be easily affected by bad things.

As a result, Although, being a member of materialistic society looks like easy and interesting both time and money are suffered by consuming and it is easy to prevent yourself to consume more than you do by means of Culture Jamming. If you stop thinking buy a new car but the expensive one or buy a bag from famous brand you can reach to save your Culture.


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