In the movie “Borat”, Sacha Baron Cohen acts the role of Borat as a journalist from Kazakhstan. He goes to US in order to create a documentary about the life of Americans. In the period of creating the documentary, he experienced lots of culture shocks. He saw so many differences between American culture and Kazak culture. For example, in that film Borat stayed with Jewish family and after he had a shit, he put shit on the table with bag. He defended himself by saying that this kind of situation belongs to their culture. Also, he had a misunderstanding about name of a person. When the woman that he talks to tells about her friend Barbara Bush, Borat laughed because ‘bush’ has a differently bad meaning in Kazak culture.

As we see these examples in this film, we can say that Borat seems to us and as an indicator of Kazak and American cultures. According to, is: “the act of using existing media such as billboards, bus-ads, posters, and other ads to comment on those very media themselves or on society in general, using the original medium’s communication method”. Therefore, in this film we see the culture jamming by an actor, as we said before as a comparator of two different cultures.


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