Anonymous is a hacktivist (hacker + activist) movement which protests several political events by attacking the governmental web sites. Their name represents the fact that the members of the community take action anonymously for a particular objective. This objective is often to defend the right of self-expression.

Anonymous cannot be considgiwEZD5Yered as a community or a group. There is no leadership nor hierarchy. One cannot officially be a part of it since there isn’t an official platform in which all the members are united. There are several platforms in different languages and all actions are individual.

Their slogan is: “We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.” While the protests, they prefer to wear Guy Fawkes masks: the anarchist revolutionary who battles against the totalitarian regime in the cult film V For Vendetta. 

Anonymous is a highly recognized movement by the media. CNN once stated that Anonymous was one of the three successors of Wikileaks.

Anonymous supported the Arab Spring, they attacked the website of Zimbabwe government because the censured the Wikileaks documents, they protested the Iran elections. In the operation named “opIsrael” they made Israel undergo a loss of 3 million dollars because the Israel government oppressed Palestinian people.

Anonymous is an example of cultural jamming because they show their reactions by using the social media. Their Twitter account has 1,24 M followers which means they are highly recognized.





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