A Type of Culture Jamming: 9GAG

A Type of Culture Jamming: 9GAG

Nowadays, the social media is full of poster-like pictures called internet memes and also some familiar images such as movie covers, games, advertisements, celebrity pictures with editions – generally captions- that mocks to which they are illustrated on.
As the source for these kind of pictures around the internet, I am presenting you 9GAG. It is a social media site founded by multiple Hong Kong entrepreneurs in 2008. Besides the popularity of its original website, it has reached millions of likers and followers through Facebook and Twitter; available in multiple languages, and posting pictures, images, videos and GIF’s and commenting to them are available for everyone in this site.

Back to the subject; the purpose of the site is (mostly) to make fun of basically everything that is going on around the World through funny images, iconic faces and drawings; so sarcasm would be the key word for what they are doing. The reason that I choose this site as an example of Culture Jamming is because even though the site’s main purpose was not to subvert or protest the consumerism nor the advertisements ( which is the main objective of Culture Jamming) ; the posts represent the society that is uncomfortable with certain things and that choose to spread them through humor.


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