Guerilla Girls


Culture jamming is the publication of art works that criticizes a political or social standpoint. In Jonah Peretti’s culture jamming example Nike’s false doings toward its workers such as making them work for extra hours, not paying them what they deserve or providing labor rights, were criticized with a shoe design demanded from Nike itself. There are many culture jamming examples like this. “Guerilla girls” is a name given for a group of feminist women who use culture jamming in order to support their ideas. 7 women artists started the group. They stood against sexism and supported women rights in art community. Their actions were based on statistical data collected from art institutions such as museums or galleries. These data collection was given the name of “weenie counts” and they contained the number of art works present in the art institutions that belonged to men or women. Comparisons were made and collected facts were represented with humorous art works that mocked the sexism and despising of women in art society. These culture-jamming examples pointed out the incorrect stereotypes such as women getting represented as sex objects in art works, nudity of women being exaggeratedly used or how women artists’ work were undermined. One of the examples of Guerilla Girls’ protest art works is given in the picture above. The protest in the example was against women representation in Venice art. It was pointed out that women artists were only used as sex objects and they were shown as powerless creatures compared to men. They were always classified as less important sex. Guerilla girls got the attention on how Venice’s art was sexist and underestimated women by using sarcastic art piece and it got more attention than a ordinary essay on defending women rights can do.



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