Gangnam Style

Gangnam_Style_Official_CoverPark jae-sang, known by his stage name Psy, is a South Korean singer and he also represents an example of culture jamming. As it is defined in, culture jamming is: “the practice of criticizing and subverting advertising and consumerism in the mass media, by methods such as producing advertisements parodying those of global brands.” The reason that Psy constitutes an example for culture jamming is that he is the singer and songwriter of a very famous single “Gangnam Style” which was released in 2012. This hit single is at first considered funny and catchy by millions of people and it is not surprising when people don’t know the background of the song. However Psy had a different aim while he was producing his single. The song is actually political and it refers to upper class of Gangnam, the controlling center of Seoul(capital city of South Korea). His aim was to attack Gangnam in which few people have the control of the economy and decide on other people’s lives. In his video clip, he makes an irony by dressing up like a Gangnam people (like an elite) while acting and dancing in a funny way. So, Psy shows that he is against consumerism and social norms by making fun of the ruling class of Gangnam in his song “Gangnam Style”.


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