Greenpeace “Have a Break” video for Social Media Activism

Malcolm Gladwell, in his article “Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted”, defends that social media activism has not enough power to reach the level of the traditional activism when it comes to having big impact on what you defend, what you fight for.

However, many online contributions has been made in the last few years- with the mass development of these sources- via social media and web tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube , Vine and many more.
The video above is an example to support the idea that online movements actually can make their voices heard. In 2010, Greenpeace released this video to make people noticed that Nestle is destroying the Indonesian rainforest to use palm oil in their Kit Kat chocolates; and causing orangutans to move towards extinction. In the short clip, a worker bored in work decides to take a short break for the ‘intention’ to eat his Kit Kat, but actually pulling out an orangutan finger in the chocolate packet and grabs a bite. This video shocked thousands of viewers who watched and became successful because within few months Nestle assured to end destroying forests for their production.

Personally, I had no idea of this destruction by Nestle and the consequence of the extinction of orangutans before this clip.I believe it was also a success for Greenpeace in creating awareness of the people all around the world who wouldn’t ever know about this terrifying situation otherwise.

Briefly, unlike Malcom’s critic, media is a great means to make people conscious about the bad things happening all around the world, and to make those people active and willing to make the change.


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