Small Changes Trigger to Big Changes

Malcolm Gladwell illustrate that social media cannot provide high-risk activism and it cannot make a revolution in his article ‘’Why the Revolution Will not be Tweeted’’. Also, he supports weak ties lead to low risk activism and strong ties lead to high-risk activism that I disagree in this situation.
In my opinion, social media trigger to activism and it is very effective to spread around the world. To exemplify, although rainbow flag has started use in 1978 at Francisco just with a freedom walking (30 people), gay and lesbian organizations are using Facebook and twitter to spread their ideas. Additionally, when they decided to make any organization or activism, they are spreading their contribution with social media. The role of social media in this situation that organizing protest and spreading ideas. My point is that these first two-steps are really significant to build protest or revolution because every big changes has been constructing with a small steps.
Another example is that when ‘’chow down’’ video clip has uploaded YouTube, thousands of people started to watch and share without thinking their preferences. Sharing and showing people’s regard for different choices about the relationships have started to soft perception around the world at least in the Muslim world many people started to speak this situation without any misunderstanding. This situation supposed to be normal. As a result of these we can understand that social media can be effective to make a real change.

Malcolm Gladwell.’’Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted’’The New Yorker, 4.10(2010): 1-10.Print.


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