sosyal-medya-simgeleri-600x400I think social media can not lead to a real change, but it can be the biggest help for it. I actually don’t see any ‘activism’ in social media and participating from it, it is just pushing buttons, accepting or denying something or just writing a couple words, there is nothing active there. But in traditional ways of ‘activism’, there is going out, walking, gathering together etc., it consumes energy and needs you to be active literally. All the huge activist movements we heard about which really changed crucial things were always in traditional ways, social media was not being used liked this as it was not developed as much. Maybe newspapers or tv news were used, but not as a way of activism, it was just to announce the things happening and inform people about what was going on. Now it is changed, social media is being used as a way of activism, to inform and announce things from social media now starts forming of groups and consciousness. However; I don’t think it is the fundamental aspect of a big change, these social events may change some things which can be changed easily and rapidly if necessary like obvious mistakes in programs or things on internet or sites etc, but can not change country issues, government issues, cultural issues etc. Just like in ‘Gezi Parkı’, social media was used widely in this event but it was just a helper for announcing the meetings or events or news about the situation, these things helped people to get together, go together, meet and stand up together for the ‘case’. Social media helped the traditional activism to occur easier, also to maintain and grow. I feel like social media fed the real activism in this case. If people didn’t participate in the real activism than there would be just words flying around the internet, and if social media was not used real activism wouldn’t be as wide and strong.



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