Relationship between revolution and social media

According to the article ‘’ Why the revolution will not be tweeted’’ the author ‘’ Malcolm Gladwell ’’ argues that social media cannot lead to real chance. Personally I disagree with Malcolm Gladwell because I think that social media have a strong effect of our lives. For example, while government election, government manipulates televisions and social media to select again. A week before the election, tweeter is closed for Turkey by government. I personally believe that’s also a strong prove that social media is a huge effect. Gezi parki can also be another example for this. While gezi parki situation continue, government try to manipulate televisions and also social media because they think that if people cannot communicate with each other, they can fix this situation with pressure and violence but this is not come true. The reason of this is not only this is a impossible move but also being communicate with each other is a fundamental right.


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