”Chow Down”


According to Malcolm Gladwell, in the article of why the revolution will not be tweeted supports that social media is effective at increasing participation not the motivation with regard to activism (5). In addition to this he illustrates that it is difficult to reach goals with social media. In contrast to this I want to give example ”Chow Down” song that is produced by William Belli. This video created for improving awareness of antigay organization because there is a discrimination between gender stereotype.
In this song :
It don’t matter if you’re gay
I said no mayonnaise! F.ck!
Spicy fried chicken may burn hole out
Sting ring for days but
That chicken’s worth the pain!
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
This song’s lyrics encourage society to highlight gay is normal situation and you do not discriminate people for their choices. At this point, with this song it gives attention stance on gay marriage and also it triggered several protest to allow them around the country. As soon this video uploaded the YouTube, approximately 400.000 people started to share from their own account of Facebook and twitter. Also many company started to donate money for charity to show awareness of anti-gay organizations. My point is that yes is possible to trigger and support strongly activism with social media.

Malcolm Gladwell. “Small Change Why the Revolution Will not be Tweeted’’ The New Yorker,4.10 (2010): 1-10. Print.


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