Arab Revolutions

In his article, “Small Change: Why the revolution will not be tweeted” Malcolm Gladwell compares activist movements before social media was invented and after. He concludes that social media is successful in increasing the participation for movements but makes the movement less powerful than ones before social media was invented. His argument is supported with events happened in the past and events happening today but I personally think he is wrong.

Last year, three arab countries have gone through revolution including Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. All three countries were governed by dictators so we can consider making an activist movement is extremely difficult than making one in an European or American country. The protesters were organized using Facebook and Twitter. The governments failed to quash the riots and ended up losing the battle against their own people. Kaddafi, Esad were dictators that ruled their country more than 20 years and there weren’t any successful attempts to turn them down before social media was created. One ended up dying from his people’s hand while the other left the country and ran away. Making powerful dictators to lose is as powerful as a rebellion can get and social media successfully provided the necessary platform to do so. People from Egypt even named their children “Facebook



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