Can social media create big change?

Malcolm Gladwell argued in “Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted” that big changes cannot be done with the support of social media. He discussed that in order for a big social change to occur the connection between people should be strong such as friends. But facebook or twitter friends cannot be considered as “strong-tie” because becoming friends on social media does not require sacrifice or commitment. These arguements Gladwell make worth attention and most of these are meaningful. Gezi Parkı protest which happended a short time ago is a great example which Gladwell’s arguement can be considered. In Gezi Parkı protest TV programs were permitted of showing the police’s harsh interference. So all the news traveled with the help of social media. It is true that social media has several deficiencies such as the knowledge that was gotten from social media can never be proven right all the time. Because everybody comments on the incidents with their beliefs. But also the affect of social media cannot be despised. Twitter helped many people in Gezi Parkı protest to reach where they should go or get medical help, find somewhere to stay. People opened their houses doors without expecting anything in order to help protesters. So it is not true that twitter just created “weal-ties”. Several arguements Gladwell make aren’t certainly true but the main statement article makes is true in my opinion. Social media can make many changes and help people connect with each other and spread news but in todays world it is not enough to creat big changes. That is because Twitter or Facebook are not used by the majority of people in small countries such as Turkey. Some cities at east do not even have internet, so it is so nonsence for people living in these cities do get information that is spread by social media. They can only get information by newspapers or TV programs. So it is almost impossible to get support of the majority of country in order to create a big change with the help of social media only. The arguement of “If social media can create a big change?” should be considered again in the future when social media is big part of all of the people’s lives.


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