Pretty Black Girl TONYA

“ A time to kill” is a film that states the race discrimination between blacks and whites. In this film, everything starts with the raped black girl (Tonya) who is at ten by two white guys. With the rape, they also beat the girl and unfortunately they pee on her body. Afterwards her family learned about this situation. And the father whose name is Carl Lee got really angry with those guys and started to think for a kind of revenge. Finally, he killed those guys who are about to go inside of the court to be judged for their crimes. After this, police arrested the father and he retained a white lawyer whose name is Jake Tyler. According to black people the father should have been free because the situation that his daughter experienced was terrible whereas according to white people the father whatever happens the father is guilty in front of the law but still they have the idea that he is “BLACK”. After many court hearings, at the last court hearing, in front of the jury that was made up of white people, Jake first asked them to close their eyes and told the situation very detailed as if it is a story. While he was telling the story, almost everyone cried including jury and when Jake was done with the story he said: AND NOW PLEASE THİNK SHE IS A WHITE GIRL!! It was so touchable sentence that explains all of the stereotypes against black people. And they won the case and Carl Lee became free.

The film shows that regardless of any discrimination all of people should be equal and white people are not superior over black people.


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