When we look to Turkish tv industry we encounter with some sort of stereotypes just like in Hollywood. In US tv industry we can see a few types of villians which are using  almost in every Hollywood movie. The Muslim terrorists or Russian communist agents could be good examples for this stereotypes. These one dimensional villian characters occurring the problem of representing the other issue. The same inaccurate  representation problem also exist in Turkish tv industry. Especially in Turkish Tv series which are related with crime and mafia stories all Kurdish people depicted as anti governmental terrorist or Israeli people shown as merciles agents who’s are wants to broke down Turkish States stability and aim to bringing chaos to the county.

The ‘Kurtlar Vadisi’ (Valley of Wolfs) could be a great example to this stereotyping. This tv series is one of the most popular tv shows in our country, its continuing from 2003 and in addition to that series couple of movies made which are related with that tv series. In Kurtlar Vadisi; The main character is ‘Polat Alemdar’. He is a undercover government agent who’s sneaked in to mafia, after a certain of time he turn to a godfather and taking undercover roles in Turkish states international operations with his crew. In his adventures, he fight with Kurdish terrorists, Israel Government and American agents.

In one episode, Israeli agents kidnapped his son for kill him but after he attack the Israel embassy and rescue his son. When Polat enters the embassy his dialog with the servant is showing the false streotyping perfectly. When Polat(gun in his hand) encounters with the servant, servant said; ‘ This territory is a foreign country soil now, you are committing a war crime’. Polat response is ‘ you are the leaders of committing war crimes all over the world, don’t tell me that’. Also in another episode an Jewish women act like a poor bagger, when Polat’s wants to give her money she stabbed him on his leg. After that the women turns out an Israel agents. The seen which is in the video, Polat shoot the Israeli agent for rescue his son and his baby sitter after the Israel flag covered with agents blood. This scene was occur high tension between Israel and Turkish governments but producers of the Kurtar V. didn’t say an apology. Accoring to them this is a true depiction of Israel’s real face.



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