Five Minarets in New York

After the 9/11 incident, the whole race of Islam was blamed because of act of nineteen men. This issue was discussed in the documentary called “Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People”. Dr. Jack Shaheen mentioned it as how Arabs are always shown as the villain in movies because of US’s political attitude towards them. Also he gives example of KKK and how today, Christianity doesn’t held responsible for the acts of KKK. Therefore, being a Muslim should not be held responsible for the 9/11 incident.

“Five Minarets in New York” is a Turkish movie which is about two Turkish cops sent to New York to catch a terrorist named “Deccal” who held responsible for Islamic violent acts. This movie was made as an answer to clear away the prejudice behavior of world towards Muslims. Both Turkish and American police officers thought that Deccal was a terrorist, because he being a Muslim made him a suspect. At the end, as the two Turkish police officers learned Deccal’s story they discovered that actually he is not a terrorist and also American police officers were convinced.

This movie mocks with the stereotypes about Muslims and how they always seen as a terrorist because of their religion. I think that showing Muslims and specifically Arabs as villains in movies increases the unawareness of world towards them which also increases hate crimes. That’s why Hollywood should give up these stereotypes.


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