Family Guy and African-American Stereotypes

Family Guy, by Seth MacFarlane, is a cartoon for adults that critiques everything that is about the popular culture but mostly, the cartoon is always showing stereotypical people. Peter, the main character, is a dumb, average American man that has a hot wife and three kids and three best male friends with whom he always enjoys being drunk.

In the video I attached to this post, you can see all the harmful racist jokes.
1- Joe, the handicapped friend of Peter’s, is a cop and they test a new device to protect the city. As he shows this device to his friends, Cleveland comes to the room and the device starts beating him up and gives him a gun saying that Cleveland has a gun because he is black and has to have a gun and be dangerous.
2- When Kermit the Frog is playing his banjo and an African-American male approaches he gets his shotgun and tells the harmless man to return to where he came from because he is dangerous, because his skin colour is black.
3- Brian, Peter’s intellectual dog, drives a cab and is looking for a customer, when he sees Cleveland waiting for a cab, he slows down but doesn’t pick him up because he has to “pick up that milk now” and Cleveland is not important because he is black and he doesn’t want him in his cab because he might (actually MUST) be a criminal.

So the cartoon Family Guy is a racist and a harmful cartoon that touches every religion, ethnicity, race etc.


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