Ekran Resmi 2014-04-22 03.12.52In past decades there has been a movement against Arabs and Muslims in movies which effected life; showing Arabs as what they are not. Life of the viewer and the Arabs changed by this. Majority of the high-budget movies which had large audience, preferred to use Arabs as terrorists if there were terrorists in the movie. How did it start and why did it start ? Yes there are many Arab terrorists in the world and they have made big terrorist attacks all over the world, but are all Arabs like this ? Countries which faced Arab terrorists were fed up with this and thought they they would inject some thoughts to their people and create prejudice so that the country would be more defensive over these kind of people. They would think twice and act more carefully around them. This would prevent terrorists to be relax and keep them from doing the attacks so easily. This strategy seemed right to the ‘rulers’ of the big counties. However; they have never thought of what would happen to the people who are from this ethnicity and religion which were actually good people. After these propagandas and the injection of the thought ‘arab & muslim = terrorist’, these people which were actually good people and maybe more loyal to the country which they live in then the national citizens mostly suffered high level of prejudice for just being an Arab, muslim, or maybe just looking like one. They have been treated bad, ostracised, and never seen equal. There has been many propagandas against Islam, that it was a religion that supports fighting, killing and being cruel. This was just because the majority of big terrorist attacks were made by muslim groups, understood as a part of their ‘Cihad’. But these terrorist attacks actually didn’t have nothing to do with religion, it was just showed like that by the ‘attacked’. The real terrorist are the people who judge a person by putting him/her in a stereotype and not seeing them equal, or seeing them as a threat. People who are stereotyped and judged should be understood, how they feel should be understood, how this hardens their life should be understood, it should be understood that it is not fair. There should be educational and introductory  propagandas of the real side of Islam firstly, that it wants peace more than anything and that people who don’t act this way(just like the terrorists) can not be considered to be muslims. Instead of the stereotype and prejudice towards these people, the peaceful side of them should be shown. A terrorists can be of any nation, anyone you see in the street can be a member of a group, but only Arabs or muslims are judged at first sight. This ignorant thoughts and actions should stop immediately if we are trying to live in an ‘equal world’.


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