“Roman” streotype in Turkish television


“Roman”s are Turkish gypsies that life in specific places in city, have different accents and generally not that rich. “Roman”s are always stereotyped in Turkish television. There is TV series called “Cennet Mahallesi” that was on air for almost ten years and it is still popular and shown in TV everyday. The characters in “Cennet Mahallesi” were great examples of “Roman” stereotypes. They were poor, aggressive, stingy and they kept fighting with each other again and again. But indeed they were also merciful, connected to each other and happy even they hah hard life conditions. Also the jobs they all had were so stereotypical. Almost all of the women were flower-seller and all of them knew playing an instrument and they worked at weddings as musicians or belly dancers. There is a common saying for Romans that they can even dance with door creaks and in the TV series even if they fight or at the police station or in the middle of street they start dancing whenever someone starts playing music. They are portrayed as extremely cheerful people. Most of us like to watch these kind of shows and see no harm in this stereotypes. But we don’t step in these “Roman”s shoes. They may not like being similarized that much and it is a bit arrogant that they are mostly really poor but actors playing them are famous rich people. additionally TV series show their narrow circumstances like something that is not that important and they always leave happily and joyful. Media only stereotypes the part of these people’s lives that is amusing to watch and it is not that fair.


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