More for Magical Negro: Lucy

Lucy is a new film which Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman perform. Scarlett Johansson, Lucy, is the main character with stereotypical properties: white, beautiful, ideal body, strong and has a problem and looking for help. She can get help from Morgan Freeman, the magical negro. This film is another example that Morgan Freeman acts “The Magical Negro”. He is wise, smart, helpful and just. Without him, our main character can never find her way.

At the first look, this sounds like a good thing. Showing black people as wise and smart looks not racist. On the other hand, separating them from the society, representing them as “the other” is racist.

What should be done? We should first stop separating them from everyone. Differentiating them leads to separation. Welcoming them and realizing that there is no difference between white and black people will create a peaceful environment. Therefore, the world will be a better place.


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