A Parody of Islamophobia by South Park

South Park is an animated television series known as making fun of every taboo and stereotypes/prejudices. In one of their episode, “The Snuke” (11th season / 4th episode) they chose Islamophobia as their subject. Episode starts with introducing a new character started  to go to South Park Elementary School. This kid’s name is Bahir Hassam Abdul Hakeem and he is obviously an Arab and muslim. The second he was introduced, Eric Cartman (one of the main characters in South Park) leaves the class with terror asking teachers whether he is searched for bombs or not. 

His prejudice of muslim people doesn’t change a bit when his teachers gets mad at him for thinking of such things. After he learns that Hilary Clinton will be visiting their town, he decides to call the CIA and report for a terrorist attack. He does such things just because and Arab student joined their classroom. Things go out of hand as CIA indeed finds out about a terrorist attack targeting Clinton. Of course, there was nothing related with the muslim kid in this subject, the terrorists turn out to be Russians. By making this much of an exaggeration about fear of muslims with Cartman’s attitude, South Park creators made fun of American people who see all Muslim people as terrorists. They show an image of how American people like Cartman think of an innocent child as a terrorist just because of his religion and nationality.



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