Twilight Representing Native-Americans


In the Twilight taylor-lautner-in-new-moon-as-jacob-black-i25ybfjsMovie which is very popular among adolescents, one of the conflicts that we see is the conflict between Edward Cullen and Jacob Black. Edward Cullen is a vampire representing the “normal” American: He is an upper-class wealthy person, he is handsome and he is well educated. Jacob Black is a werewolf and he is an attractive Native American of the Quileute tribe inLa Push. He is an example of typical portrayal of Native-Americans. He is from a lower-class family and he is not educated. His werewolf friends are all Native-Americans as well.

In the film, Native-American werewolves are savage, distant to other people and they live in forest. They don’t seem to be modernized. For example, they are shirtless and their only distinct physical property is that they are muscular, so nothing else is underlined but their physical power.

The conflict in between Edward and Jacob is that they are both in love with the same girl: Bella. As the stereotypes and Hollywood laws require, Edward is the one who is chosen by Bella. He is distinguished with his romance, tasteful pleasures (such as classical music) and his kindness towards Bella. Jacob is the one who is desperate. He is only distinguished by his savageness and he is not being kind towards Bella, his point of view to a relationship is male-dominant.

In the series, Jacob is later humiliated by falling in love with a baby, which is an attitude that we certainly don’t expect Edward to do. So Twilight perfectly reinforce the stereotypes about Native-Americans by representing them in a way that is inappropriate to modern life.


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