American Dad!

UnknownIn the episode called “Homeland Insecurity” of American Dad! which is an American adult animated sitcom, the main character Stan Smith, a CIA agent, learns that his wife is going to invite their new neighbors to a house party. But the problem is that these new neighbors are Iranian. He asks them what part of Islam they hail from and then he tells them not to blow up Cleveland. This is a very good example of islamophobia and a stereotype concerning religion. First he considers all Muslims come from a single place as if there is a country called “Islam”. Moreover he blames his neighbors for being terrorists as if all Muslims are terrorists. After that, due to his suspicions he turns his house into a detention camp. Again in the same episode we see a negative stereotype concerning race. While Stan’s wife, Francine tries to convince her Iranian neighbors that she is sorry for what her husband has done, the male Iranian neighbor tells her that even if Stan Smith is suspicious and xenophobic, he is better than their last neighbors -because they are “black”. It obviously seems so ridiculous that even a person who gets used to be accused because of his religion can also stereotype someone else concerning his or her race. For that reason, like the other episodes of the show, this episode shows very good examples of negative stereotypes including both religion and race.


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