Yabancı Damat

10035_128189739538_53997159538_2354547_7151486_nThere was popular Turkish TV serial named “Yabancı Damat” which, I believe, could be a good example that challenges familiar stereotypes concerning both ethnicity and religion. In the serial is a love story of a Greek guy and a Turkish girl. Even though the youth were deeply in love and did not care about ethnic and religious differences, their families hardly accepted their marriage. Both Greek and Turkish families were so nationalistic; they hated each other and this was the theme of every episode. After a while, both families accepted the marriage of Nazlı (Turkish girl) and Niko (Greek boy), however, it was just a beginning of problems related to religion. For example, in one episode, Nazlı’s grandfather said that he would accept Niko as son in low only if he admits to be circumcised, which means, if he changes his religion and becomes a Muslim. This is a common stereotype concerning religion; nearly in all religions, one side is asked to change his/her religion to the one of a groom/bride in order to get married and have a happier marriage. Another example concerning also stereotypes about religion could be the episode in which Niko’s grandmother wanted to baptize Nazlı and Niko’s son Ege, but Nazlı and her family were against it and wanted Ege to be circumcised. The serial gives the message that even though two people love and accept each other as they are, many problems may appear when two families of different ethnicity and religion come together.


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