Cure-All Thing Around The World


Spreading globalization is changing societies all over the world. Goods and services even most of the ideas have started to be unite. On the other with increasing globalization we see cultural appropriation in many things.
Yoga is among one of these things. Yoga is physical, mental and spiritual practice coming from ancient India. Then it gained popularity in US around 1890s. Yoga was exported US to India from Swami Vivekananda who is first Hindu teacher. In these years, US used its marketing power to give yoga more popularity. As all we know one of the ways of attracting people is create pretty things and US made this. They produced yoga clothing, yoga books, pillows for yoga, yoga CD’s. While yoga’s popularity was increasing by these methods, Indian’s started to pay attention yoga and it is re-exported to India again. So, I think US used its material power very well by using Indians spiritual power☺ As we see yoga is now practiced all over the world. We can hear from around that yoga solves many problems. If you are pregnant, do yoga for your baby’s health. If you are stressed, do yoga and be relax. If you are overweight, do yoga and have the beauty that you want.
In my opinion yoga is one of the most powerful example of cultural appropriation and I think that it is positively influence many people all around the world, because we can identify space around our bodies, thoughts and feelings thanks to yoga. For me yoga is now cure-all thing.


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