Soldiers of Napoli


Football is a big part of social media which connects people all around the world. Supporting a team gives a person feeling of belonging to a group. Going to that team’s games, buying their jerseys and all other gears are few of the reasons why football is became an industry on its own. That’s why a football team of a country effects not only the people of that country but also others.

SSC Napoli is one of the major football teams in Italy. Its success carried its name out of the borders of Italy. Therefore everything that happened about Napoli concerns much broader population. So, the size of the impact of their new jerseys were no surprise. Camouflage printed jerseys were new and interesting for the football fans.

Some would say that using camouflage print on a football jersey degrades the importance of military and mocks with it. On the other side, I think the message that Napoli team wants to give by the camouflage print is that they are a fearless, strong, competitive and an ambitious team. According to my opinion their intentions were not to mock the military culture but to make a statement of their own by showing the strengths of military. Therefore, this is an example of cultural appreciation not appropriation.



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