Lady Burqa!

Cultural appropriation is commonly used among celebrities; they love to take advantage of other cultures’ and religions’ symbols, dresses and dances. A recent example of it is Lady Gaga wearing a burqa!

Burqa is an Afghanistan-originated outer garment worn by women. Wearing a burqa is an Islamic tradition.  Its purpose is to cover the body so to prevent any possible sexual appeal that can be caused by female body.

Lady Gaga wore a burqa in the music video “Aura”. Her burqa is a pink one, made of tulle. 1_photo-1

As we can see from the photo, her burqa has nothing to do with the main purpose of burqa, we can even say that it is a sexy burqa! When we take a look at lyrics, we immediately notice that the song is sexy as well: “Do you wanna see me naked, lover? Do you wanna peak underneath the cover?”

This example proves us that Lady Gaga uses burqa without having knowledge about its meaning and history. This kind of usage of burqa has definitely offended Muslim groups. It is impossible to give credits to burqa-wearing women while using burqa as a sex-appealing dress. Lady Gaga, who is a pop-culture figure that is followed by almost everyone, presents burqa as she wants, without considering its real meaning. She presents burqa as a form of repression. In Western countries, burqa is generally related to female disempowerment but it is worth noting that burqa is a sacred value to those who wear this. Lady Gaga has no right to start a trend that she calls “burqa-swag” by wearing non-traditional and sex-appealing versions of burqa. So this is an example of cultural appropriation.





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