Homicidal Cleopatra

One of Katy Perry’s new songs “Dark Horse” has an interesting video clip. In the video she is imitating Cleopatra. She has Egyptian servants around her who worship her. She is dressed in Egyptian cultural clothes and has special make up on in order to make her look like Cleopatra. The lyrics of the song say “Make me your one and only, but don’t make me your enemy.” and “I am capable of everything”. So the song threatens the guys who will try to hurt the girl in the song. In order to show the power of the girl, in the music video of the song Cleopatra is used, but she is displayed in a really strange way. Katy Perry who is Cleopatra, destroys everything she doesn’t like turns them to ashes in order to get what se wants. So she is  “Homicidal Cleopatra”. This usage of Egyptian culture is a perfect example of “cultural appropriation”. As it is discussed cultural appropriation is taking a culture’s aspect and applying it without getting permission and sharing the profits.  In the music video of “Dark Horse” Egyptian culture and Cleopatra is used in order to create something interesting but people creating the video did not think that much about how this represents Egyptian people’s culture or if they will get offended. Also the video annoyed some Muslims. Before it was edited because of the complaints a man who is wearing an “Allah” pendant gets punishment from Cleopatra and burns. This offended thousands of Muslims and even it got edited there still serious complaints about the presence of the video.

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