Greek Goddesses on Runway


The way we dressed and so therefore the fashion industry has been developed according to how our culture changed. As the interaction between countries became easier, the transition of cultures began. Denim is one of the examples that can be given. Furthermore, nowadays the fashion empires mostly originated in France and Italy make the decisions of what is wearable or not. Those fashion empires design clothes which are not much affordable for everyone and then local stores make their similar ones and that is how fashion spreads.

“Dolce and Gabbana” is one of those big fashion empires which is originated in Italy. Its spring-summer 2014 collection was a reminder of Greek goddesses. They used ancient coins on belts and earrings, prints of Greek temples were used in silk dresses and also model’s hair were embellished with leaves and coins as they were a Greek goddess.

Some people would agree that this is a cultural appropriation rather than a cultural appreciation but I disagree. I think if Dolce and Gabbana or any other big fashion brands did not inspired from other cultures than there would be no fashion industry. Also as I mentioned before, the interaction between cultures, which is happened independently, led these inspirations occur.



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