Doctor Who And His Fez

Doctor Who And His Fez

Doctor Who, a TV character, wears a fez which he refers to as “cool”. As him, referring to the fez as cool means that he liked the culture as it being “cool”. Doctor Who is thought in the society as an awesome TV show and an awesome character. Him being a time traveller, made him see lots of different aspects of cultures around the world but he wears a fez which can be seen as he thinks the Turkish/Ottoman culture is a culture that should be imitated and liked. Doctor Who, is a man that is known as high cultured, wise and smart -who is taken as a role model- and I have read some posts about Doctor Who doing/wearing stuff that are perceived as “awesome” and should be done by the people. Just like on the photo that is attached to this post, him wearing a fez is called “swagger” which means cool but any other character wouldn’t be as “swaggy” as the eleventh Doctor. t think a show that shows lots of cultures but choosing only one culture to be envied appreciates the culture that is shown. So I don’t think that Doctor Who wearing a fez is cultural appropriation but instead it’s cultural appreciation.


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