A Popular Religious Symbol


The symbol Hamsa, which is known as the hand of Fatima(daughter of the Islamic prophet Muhammed) in Islam, exists in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This symbol is commonly used in tattoos, jewelry, clothing, wall hangings and became highly popular.  I hear lots of Hamsa tattoo ideas from people that I talk to about a new tattoo especially girls. The meaning of symbol is kind of protection. I’m not sure which part of this symbol is that much attractive to people who use it in their life, maybe the meaning or just the appearance. Even though some muslim part of the world finds that the usage of the hand of Fatima is insulting, it is appreciated by huge part of the world. I personally believe it should be used by anyone who have ever felt him/herself close to it. There is no need to argue that because I don’t see any insults for any religious values.


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