Asian ‘Fork, Knife, Spoon’



In todays world, we define as world as global. This definition contains various interactions, transformations between cultures and traditions. In the aspect of this global world, its seen in many branches such as fashion, media, people gestures(non verbal communication) even in way of living in lifestyles. My example about this exchanges is chopstick. It’s an old tool for eating, originally chopsticks used by Asians  cultures first. However after the globalization period of world this tool using all over the world for eating Asian oriented foods. Using a chopsticks can be considered as a trend for todays world. For instance an ordinary American citizen use forks and knifes for eating his breakfasts lunches and dinners, however when he go to a Chinese restaurant or eating an Asian oriented food he prefer to use chopsticks. This example can be seen in also England, Brazil or even in Turkey. Furthermore some Asian restaurants doesn’t have ordinary forks or knifes for the customers also. When we head back to our main topic the chopsticks issue is not a cultural appropriation, because using a chopsticks is not disrespectfulness to its culture, adversely its way of respect to Asian cultures. If you are eating a Asian food, its has specific way to do it and you are applying it when you are eating. According to me its a kind of assilimilation for a short time period. Moreover this process contributes to Asian cultures and traditions dignity. More over in todays world, knowing how to use a chopstick is classy move and consider as an high class status behavior also.




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