Who Says That “It’s Girls Stuff” ?

We are now surrounded with gender-stereotyped toys: dolls, make-up sets, houses and clothes are dedicated to girls whereas engineering oriented toys, cars, planes and guns are dedicated to boys. These toys are considered to be created with the purpose of determining the roles of boys and girls in the society. Boys must be smarter, they must be the future engineers, they must be better in driving and they must be stronger than girls. The role that is designed for girls is almost the contrary: Girls must be interested in their beauty and nothing else. They must be good housewives for make their husbands feel comfortable.

A new toy that is released embodies all the gender steretypes about girls: a cleaning set containing a brush, a cleaning spray, a dustpan and broom. You may ask: “How is it related to girls?”. We don’t have to relate it to girls, the brand has already done that in our place. The name of the product is “It’s Girls Stuff”.

This product make us think that cleaning is what girls are supposed to do. Its pink package strenghten the fact that this toy is a girlish toy. It chase girls from engineering-oriented toys and says them: “You don’t have to be clever, all you have to do is cleaning!”. This ends up with a society in which the roles of genders are distinctly separated: boys are bread-winner and girls are house-maker. The slogan “It’s Girls Stuff” gives us the impression that girls are happy with their pre-determined role in society. It makes us think that girls are happy of being away from existing with their intelligence.

Peggy Orenstein says in the article “What’s Wrong With Cindirella” that: “The relentless resegregation of childhood appears to have sneaked up without any further discussion about sex roles, about what it now means to be a boy or to be a girl.”. This toy is a perfect example of relentless resegregation. It determines our roles and we have no right to     medscaleKANTY302_plastic_cleaning_set_1come out against it!o-GIRL-STUFF-facebook


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