What happened to baby dolls?

imagesCAD4NZRE untitled

Nowadays there is a new fashion doll brand called “Monster High” which is really popular amoung little girls. These “monster dolls” look like vampires, withces or as they are called monsters. They look scary even for adults but most of the little girls like these dolls. They are dressed in short sexy dresses or shorts, they wear high heels and even fur. The faces of these dolls do not look happy. They have an angry and kind of a scary look. “Monster High Dolls” is the peak point which shows how much girls toys changed in time. The first picture attached shows the old version baby dolls that were advertised for girls. There are two normal weighted girls who are wearing long cute dresses and sneakers. They do not have any make up on, they look innocent and pure. In the other hand monster girls have a lot make up on, they look like dangerous and even horny creatures. So what is changed and does this change transmit negative message to little girls? Old baby dolls, like the ones in the first picture, represeented the innocence and the purity of little girls. It showed a role model to the girls whom the toys are advertised for. But the “monster girls” and the other popular dolls such as “Bratz” convey some different messages. For example the fact that they all have make up on can suggest that make up is an enviable thing. Also these new dolls look all skinny and tall so this also puts pressure on girls and make them think like they should all be slim. In addition these toys do not teach anything benefitial or encourage girls to use their minds. It just shows that girls should be pretty, slim and nowadays a bit brutal.



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