“The Smurfs” is one of the most popular cartoon movies around the world. The Smurfs are little blue creatures living together in mushroom-shaped houses in forest. The gender of all smurfs is male except one, “Smurfette”. Smurfette is the only female character in the show who was created by Gargamel, the villain, as a bait but then became a member of smurf family. Smurfette looks like a typical “girlie-girl” character as Peggy Orenstein discusses in her article called “What’s Wrong with Cinderella”. She has blonde hair and a white dress which manages her to look beautiful even if she is blue. Also she obsessively cares about the way she looks, that’s why she always looks at herself in a mirror. She loves to be noticed by other male characters and have compliments. Another stereotypical quality Smurfette has is the way she talks. She has a naive voice which shows her lack of intelligence. The only work she does in the smurf village is to take of flowers in front of her house which is also show her lack of qualities in crafting things. I agree that these gender specifications in child consumptions and TV cartoons build up a stereotypical role on both girls and boys.



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