Johnny Bravo



“Johnny Bravo” was one of my favourite cartoon characters when I was a child. The show was an American animated TV series about a man called Johnny who contains all of the characteristics of hyper masculine man. He has a muscular body, a fancy hair type, he joins in sport activities and he likes to get ladies attentions. Also he is a narcissist man who only cares about how he looks. In every episode, Johnny meets a woman and tries to get her fall in love with him but at the end he gets ditched also sometimes he gets a slap in his face from the women he hits.
The major part of this show’s audience is male children who are in their developing age. In Peggy Orenstein’s article “What’s Wrong with Cinderella?”, she talks about how gender specifications play a role in child consumption, especially in girls. Also she mentions how boy’s toys mostly consist on building and making stuffs from scratch. On contrary, my example “Johnny Bravo” weakens Orenstein’s ideas in some ways. This show misleads male children about relations between men and women. It reinforces the idea of the importance of beauty and physical appearance which-in my opinion-is a negative message.




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