Barbie, a Vast Children Market


Barbie, first released in 1959, became very popular in early 90’s and succeeded to appear in every product that one can think of ( bed sheets, dolls, films, bags etc.) . Why Barbie is still so in has many reasons when look it in the viewpoint of little girls:

As Peggy Orenstein emphasised in “What’s Wrong With Cinderella”, the girlie- girl culture, with girly colours , a perfect girl with a tall super slim body, blonde hair, blue eyes captures the attention of  little girls who see Barbie as their role model.This glamorous World consisting nothing but nice and pretty things create a gender distinction. To explain better, all these  girly items define what a girl should be, and what she needs to have.

The main issue here is that the Barbie dolls represent a very impossible ideal beauty. Here’s how;

barbie body

This is the bitter truth about how Barbie would look like if she was a real person. Pretty scary right? That’s why over the years, Barbie dolls’ proportions are critisized because she is too skinny and  gigantic  compared to humans. This unavoidable fact leads to the question; ” Does this have an effect why children and young girls are that much obsessed with their body image ?” Well the answer is not  a certain yes or no but it is a serious question to consider how children toys might effect the young minds’ psychology over their body image and beauty norms.







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