Popeye ( Better known by Temel Reis )


This week our topic is children consumption and play. I decided to write something about Popeye, better known by Temel Reis in turkish society.Popeye is a character that he strengthened after eating spinach. As everyone know, He usually eat his spinach and fight with bluto-kabasakal ( which is a bad guy in this cartoon.) because he tries to protect his love : Olive.

Brief summary

Popeye and Safinaz is in love with each other but Bluto also loves Olive and he tries to separate Popeye and Olive. He always make a trap for Popeye but Popeye always get rid of these traps by using his spinach. Each section has a different story and different adventures.

I believe that this cartoon is a really good example for Children consumption and play because Popeye always counsel to children that spinach is really important for growing.İt is also a good example for masculinity because Popeye is getting more muscular after he ate spinach and that’s why children think that it is a necessity not a choice. Moreover; This cartoon gives a background message that bad guy always lose. I believe that this is also important because audience for this cartoon generally 5-10 years old.

Usually young boys prefer to watch Popeye rather than girls because it is more interesting for young boys.İt includes masculinity and fight and that’s why it is a good cartoon for young boys but it does not mean that girls can not watch.


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