Gender Stereotyping in Toy Marketing



In today’s world, toy stores have been divided into two: girls sections and boys sections. When we first enter in a toy store, we see immediately two colors; pink and blue. In general, at the pink section which is separated for the girls toys, there are dolls, toy kitchens, arts and crafts while in the blue section there are guns, cars, adventure and building toys with which boys “should” play. The picture (shown above) is a good example of this gender stereotyping. The colors and the types of toys; “cook&clean” and “electronic learning” are definitely labeling genders. This means that girls are “supposed” to like/use pink and same thing appears for the boys with blue. Besides, this shows us that girls are given some roles like cooking, cleaning, raising child while the boys are considered more “intelligent” and “skillful” by being supported to play with scientific and electronic toys and to “learn” at the same time. This perception is surely trying to “teach” girls and boys what is okay to play with and what their roles should be as if  becoming grown-ups requires the same roles. It can be said that gender labeling and stereotyping in toys marketing limit children’s imagination and their abilities. Moreover, there is nothing wrong with a man who is cooking or raising his child and with a woman who works as an engineer. That’s why, this perception in today’s toy marketing have to be changed.


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