Do children choose their toys according to their gender?

In “What’s Wrong With Cinderella?”, Peggy Orenstein mentions that toys for children are divided by gender to gender. Girls’ toys look like idealize a politeness and innocence whereas, boys’ toys are sign of power and anger. Indeed the consumption of toys include more pink,skinny dresses so It can be understood that sexuality is learning in the very early age. At the same time when people examine the girls’ toys they can notice that not only colors but also make-up sets and home business units such as vacuum cleaner, mixer are produced for only girls. And their mission is too easy, they just clean the house, cook something delicious,buy dresses, meet with friends and gossip. So all these activities do not include any power,ability or logic because boys are good at logical things so they need power,ability and logic in their toys. This nonsense thought causes to understand gender differences in a wrong way.

Furthermore, not only the negative impacts of toys affect both girls’ and boys’ future self but also they create a negative condition in their job choices. Because generally jobs are categorized by man job and women job.Such as nurse for women, doctor for men, pilot for men ,hostess for women as you can see jobs which require more ability and logic are able for men while the more relax requirements are prefered by women.Now I want to give a sample from one of the Heidi Klum’s Barbie doll. In 2009 Heidi Klum who has known as a Victoria’s Secret Angel received an offer from Barbie doll producers. At this time the producers want to create Barbie dolls which have a same appearance with Heidi Klum. And again, long legs, slim waist ,blonde hair are the sign of sexuality and the message of just relax and take care of your appearance.

On the other hand the consumption of action man is kind of hero for boys because he is strong with muscles,also intelligent and girls love him. So he is an ideal role model for young boys. They can easily influenced by this toy and create their future needs such as having a girlfriend,fighting,how to be more strong, etc. in terms of this kind of toy.Also it was mentioned before, toys are separated by gender to gender and you can find that there are also engineering and doctor sets which develop their thinking skills.

All in all,after this gender separation in the toys selection when you see pink color You think that it’s for girls or when you see cars you understand that it’s for boys .So this gender difference cause negative impression on both girls and boys . Because interaction starts in the very early age, So modeling and acting like a woman means like pink and be sexy or being a man means work out and be strong for the toys producers.barb


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