Dolls have helped children, especially girl’s, to develop their emotional skills. While playing with dolls, children show their empathies.

In recent years Monster High Dolls have brought new storm to dolls market. These dolls are manufactured by Mattel. They are super-thin dolls and they show diversity.

‘‘According to NPR, these so-called “Goth Barbies” are now one of the best-selling dolls in the world.”

These dolls marketed as modern and children like their diversity. These characteristics show us why these toys sell too many in the sector. As all we know new generation child like reality and being different is one of the most important thing in their life. So, with these toys they achieve the difference that they want because unlike Barbie, these toys have not got individuality. They have funky hairstyles and different fashion choices appeal to a new generation. They are not like doll clones. They all are different characters. These specifications inspire new generation girls and by this way they feel like different.

If we look at families, who want to buy these dolls to their child, we can easily say that they really glad to see these type of dolls in the toy sector. According to them, their children get rid of limitations of Barbie.

Here is one example of Mom’s comments on Monster Dolls;

But would I buy them for my daughters?

And the reason is that, while the Barbie play that I have observed has often involved Barbie role-playing the child doing adult things, Monster High dolls just look as though they would get to have more awesome adventures through play; they probably kidnap Barbies and take over doll houses, and roast Barbie’s horse for a quick snack while applying thick black eyeliner and reattaching the snakes to their heads. Unlike Barbie, who has a tendency to stay at home waiting around for Ken to show up, Monster High dolls – who are the spawn of monsters – can do what the hell they like, Kens be damned!




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