Brave – A challenge to today’s girlification

An exception to Disney princess profile: Merinda. Merinda challenges the classical princess image which includes pink dress, girly manners, being rescued by prince charming and then marrying him, being fragile. The only property they have is their beauty and wealth. However, Merinda is very different from the usual Disney princesses. She wears green instead of pink, has  straggly hair, does not care about neither her dress nor her beauty. She does not wait for prince charming or does not dream about marriage. She values her freedom, family and she wants to decide how to live her life. She is gifted, can use an arrow skillfully, where we cannot see a significant skill in other Disney princesses. In “What’s Wrong With Cinderella?” by Peggy Orenstein, author states that girlification and sexification process is accelerating. She is generally right, but there are examples which counters this idea. Merinda is not a girlie girl, she runs, uses arrows, does not afraid of anything, does not care about her beauty, is not scared of dust and mud.

Frankly, this girlification process harms little children’s mental health. They should not be exposed to “ideal girl” image. They must have the right to become who they want. They should decide how to live by themselves. In my opinion, characters like Merida will help to break the ideal girl image and will improve this girlification process to stop.


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