Big differences between boy’s and girl’s toys type!

If you enter toy shop like toyzrs, you can immediately recognize that there are two sections one of them is for girls and the other part is for boys. You can not see any others colors without pink at the girl section and blue at the boy section. Unfortunately, these kinds of shop should not divide sections because toys are not for boys and girls ; they are just for kids. While they are separating a gender , they are imposing the awareness of femininity and masculinity. If children grow with this separation since they were born, gender separation can be inevitable for the teenage society.


In addition to this problem, there is a big challenge for girls in terms of toy variety. Many toys emphasize girlie-girl culture. What is wrong to emphasize this culture? The firs one is that these kinds of toys (Brazts,Barbies, Dolls..etc) are limiting girl’s choice. Additionally, in the present day , there is are big differences between 1970’s and 2000’s toys. For example, today’s girlie toys give adult female body, sexualized outfits and makes up face. These kinds of thing impose girls to have good-looking, ideal beauty and sexy appeal. These are absolutely harmful for girls because these are not educating any girls in any way, just illustrate to have sexual appearance.

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Secondly, to compare boy’s toys types. these toys are absolutely illustrating action and educational things. When they are playing their toys such as tool equipment , they are improving their brain parts to combine little tools. To look girl’s toys, these toys just attribute a role model of housewife or mother. Because girlie toys serve more specific stereotype homemaker like a baby sitter. Additionally these emphasize exaggerated femininity as a result of many girls are growing with having a false impression of feminine power.

To conclude these ideas, there are big differences and challenges between two gender’s toys types and these kinds of toys are affecting our society and kids in a false way which I mentioned above . Therefore, toy shops should be carefull about production of toys and they should not make any separation between girls and boys because they are just kids.


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