Teletubbies Promoting Homosexuality


We’re all familiar with the BBC children’s television series, Teletubbies, for pre-school audience which is broadcasted in almost every country including Turkey. It is an TV program with the idea of entertaining children like the rest of other shows. However, one of these characters, which is named Tinky Winky, was accused of being gay by some evil-minded people especially American religious conservative leader Jerry Falwell in 1999 and an activist from Poland in 2007. According to them Tinky Winky’s ‘effeminate’ ways should not be broadcast. A simple nonfunctional television character caused so much controversy. The reason for that is showed as Tinky Winky could be a covert homosexual symbol, because “he” is purple, the gay pride color, and “his” antenna is shaped like a triangle: the gay pride symbol and the magic handbag is for woman only. Who said that Think Winky is woman? Actually no one. It is not an human or any known creator. It is not supposed to have a sex. It is not straight or gay. I personally find ideas like these very absurd. On the other hand, if a heterosexual child who watches a TV show including gay character, there is no way to encourage this child to be gay because it does not change the sexual orientation. People can have really silly ideas to make a splash.


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